Sean Mauney

motion reel 2021
After effects, maya, UniTY

 Founder of SEANIMATED, Purveyor of: 
3d Animation - VR/AR/MR - Real Time 3D 
Development Environment:



3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Ever wondered how electricity flows from the site of generation to the devices you use everyday? Electra-City is designed to teach electrical apprentices the fundamentals of electricity in a rich media format.

bright view
business center

Motion Graphics & Video Editing

Communicating new features within a large corporation can be difficult.  This video was developed to assist local managers in utilizing professional marketing features that are easily customizable to bolster sales & increase client rentention.

I gotta guy

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

The I Gotta Guy Podcast intro is designed to be a hip and upbeat introduction for a podcast dedicated to spotlighting DC/Maryland small business entrepreneurs.

The sneaky beagle intro

3D Animation  & Motion Graphics

The Sneaky Beagle is a Twitch streamer who was looking to upgrade his streaming channel with a fresh new animation to start his stream. The Sneaky Dojo was developed as a real-time 3D environment and rendered using Unity's powerful game engine.

hop hunter

3D Animation  & Motion Graphics

Hop Hunter is a Twitch streamer who needed multiple video assets developed for his channel. The concept was simple, a modern brew pub that incorporated his branding and style developed as a real-time 3D environment and rendered using Unity's powerful game engine.

motion reel

3D Animation  & Motion Graphics

Motion graphics reel that compiles previous works from a few years back.  Featuring 3D animation, typography animation,  & visual effects.


VR Projects:

safety vr

360 Photograpy, Level Design, 3D Modeling & Texturing

Explore the hazards of working in a simulated trench.  Combining 360 photography with interactive 3D elements, Trenching Safety VR enables safe and effective training for UA apprentices & journeyman technicians.

vr Mechanical
safety training 

Level Design, 3D Modeling & Texturing, UX

OSHA Standards & Procedures can be complicated.  Take the theory and apply it in a simulated 4000 sq. ft. mechanical room.  Topics covered include PPE selection, fall protection, scissor lift safety, lock out/tag out and more.  Accelerate safety training with the power of virtual reality.

Sea change

360 Videography, Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Coding

Imagine Baltimore's Waterfront as it could be... diverse marshlands, clean water and a thriving ecosystem.  Take a 360 journey through the inner harbor to discover what lies beneath and re-imagine the waterfront.

vr career experience

360 Videography, Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Coding

Do you have an interest in the plumbing and piping trades?  VR Career Experience is designed for individuals interested in joining the UA to learn more about a career in HVAC, pipe fitting, plumbing, sprinkler fitting and welding.  Explore a real life training center to learn more about the day to day operations of each trade.

high steel vr

360 Photograpy, Level Design, 3D Modeling & Texturing, Coding

Designed for the Ironworkers International Union, VR Jobsite allows new & upcoming Ironworker apprentices the opportunity to explore a virtual job site that incorporates OSHA related safety learning, crane signal practice and simulates the vertigo inducing effect of walking on a 8 inch wide steel beam, 150 feet above the ground.


3D Modeling & Texturing, Coding, Level Design

Personal VR project to develop a room scale VR project that incorporates natural motion game mechanics, gamificiation and a multiplayer VR experience.


Baltimore, MD, USA

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